Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry

Myths about Cosmetic Dentistry

Making cosmetic improvements to your teeth and smile can be something that takes some thought. There’s a lot of myths about cosmetic dentistry, and before you start improving your smile, make sure that you know the facts to get your best smile.

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The first, easily debunked myth is that cosmetic dentistry is very expensive. While it once was only for the elite, sometimes it can be covered by insurance and it is more affordable than normal. A fixed up smile doesn’t have to drain your budget!

Is There Pain or Damage?

Most cosmetic dentistry arcadia procedures are either minimally invasive so you almost feel nothing. Those that don’t often require you to be sedated or filled with anesthesia, so you are either asleep or numbed for the entire operation. Plus, you’ll be able to recover faster without too much trouble.

Also, a cosmetic procedure won’t cause any harm to your teeth. For some procedures, like inserting veneers, your teeth are only slightly altered. For most dentists, preserving your natural smile and the teeth that you have in your mouth is the most important.

Will My Smile Looked Worked On?

Each smile worked on a by a cosmetic dentist procedure, will often be customized in order to fit your mouth. So, your smile won’t look out of place or unlike the rest of your face, and the parts that have been fixed will have blended in with your natural teeth. So, your smile will look normal, and in some cases will even look better!

There’s really no reason not to have your smile worked on if you have trouble with your teeth, and you’ll be able to walk away from the dentist office with a better smile. No chipped, stained, or out of alignment teeth anymore, just plain pearly whites and a beautiful grin!